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Every child lets their imagination wonder during bedtime. Roosel on the other hand lets it take over. Join him on his adventure of imagination and wander through this bedtime story. Roosel only wants a drink of water but feels like he's being chased by something scary. Read along to see if it is real or simply his imagination running wild. All children will carry amazement as they discover what takes over the mind.


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  • Juvenile Fiction, Bedtime & Dreams

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    About the Author:

    Jennifer Marie Salyer grew up as an Army child traveling through out the United States. Growing up with dyslexia she always wrote poetry as an outlet to express herself. She was afraid to share with any one. Her husband finally read her works and encouraged her to share the passion that she displayed in these works. This book is not only a dedication to her children and husband but a true work of art for all children alike.

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Children's Book

"My Shadow"
by Jennifer Marie Salyer

childrens book my shadow

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